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 Paper Easy-to-Fly Kite

Source:  Dorothy Norton

1.  Diagram to create basic kite form:


a.  Using an 8.5 inch by 11 inch piece of paper, draw center fold line A on the front of the form along the center line as shown.  Then draw sloped fold lines B and C such that the top of each line is 0.5 inch from line A and the bottom is 2.0 inches from line A.  Also mark two punch holes–one half way between lines A and B and one between lines A and C–3.5 inches from the top of the form.    Use black pen or pencil rather than marker to make the lines.  (Marker would soak through and be visible on  both sides.) 

b.  On the back side of the form, draw the straw lines as shown.  The outer ends of the line are 1.25 inches from the top edge.  When the fold is made, the fold line will appear straight and go from one edge of the back to the other. 

c.  If you want the kite to show a design (e.g. the Welsh flag as shown at the top of the page), divide the picture–a line drawing such as the dragon shown–in half and paste the left edge of the right half along line B and the right side of the left half along line C.  When the center flap is folded, the picture will come back together again (as in the Welsh flag kite above).  Once the form is made, it can be copied with a copy machine.

2.  Creating the kite:

Safety considerations:  Never fly kite near power lines or near a street.  An open field–or even a very large open room–works well.

Materials needed for each kite:
kite form with or without design (on front) copied onto 8.5 X 11 inch sheet of paper
clear tape
plastic straw 8 to 9 inches long (recycled McDonald’s straw works very well)
3 paper streamers or strips of colored paper, newspaper, etc. about 1.5 X 24 inches)
spool of sewing thread

paper punch
markers or crayons to color design

a. Color design on front of kite-form sheet and allow to dry.  Then fold along line A so that back sides are together.  Then fold up along lines B and C to form vertical front support flap.
b.  Turn to back and tape flap in place using three horizontal tape strips:  one at top, one in middle, and one at the bottom.
c.  Tape straw in place, centered along straw guideline as shown below:


Again, use three strips of tape long enough to tape down the straw without flattening it:  one at left edge, one at right, and one in the center.
d.  Tape streamers in place.  They may be attached as shown above–one right, one left, and one centered–or all three at the center of the bottom edge.
e.  Reinforce the punch hole on the front with tape before punching  a hole there with a paper punch.
f.  Tie sewing thread to the kite at the hole using a square knot.  The thread serves as the kite string.

You are ready to fly the kite, but wait for a dry day.  (Once the kite becomes wet, it will not fly well. )  This kite flies so easily that a runner can get it to go up by running, even inside a building.  Be careful and have fun!