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Welcome to my website!


It’s a niceday.  Let’s hike to Nepturne!

Professional work and service:

  • Member of American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) and National Science eachers’ Association (NSTA)
  • Original facilitator and Ripon College ( http://www.ripon.edu advisor for Study-Abroad program at the Swanseaa University and Bangor University..
  • Former director of Project Madog,
  • prosiect_madog_logo         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       prosiect_madog_logo_Saesneg

an Eisenhower Professional Development Program project to establish collaborations in primary science, mathematics, and technology education between Weisconsin elementary schools and Welsh prmary schools.  Project Madog also led to two Maymester courses for Ripon College students in Wales. 

I continue to work with Keri Simacek, Project Madog Assistant Director, as she continues correspondence between her classes and classes in Welsh primary schools each year.  I teach them a little basic Welsh and help them with projects such as Welsh flag kites:

  • Designer, original a dvisor, and now consultant for the Physics Fun Force (PFF) a group of physics students that visits elementary-school classrooms to do science activities with children.

Other work and service:

  • Board member, Vice-President, and website manager, Cambrain Heritage Societym Madison, WI.( http://madisoncambrian.org  )
  • Board member and website manager of the Welsh Gymanfa Ganu Association of Wisconsin (WGGAW) ( http://wggaw.org )

Special  Interests:

  • Astronomy anf physics education for children and their teachers via activities and investigations.  See Activities page for examples.
  • High school and College physics and astronomy education
  • Sundials and sundial design.  Go to Sundial page for more about sundials.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
    This is the vertical south sundial on the south wall of Farr Hall of Science at Ripon College.  I designed the gnomon angle and placement of the hour markers.  The markers–designed by Professor Gene Kain and his students–are interpretations of the signs of the zodiac and, for the noon marker, the sun and moon.
  • knitting (“hoodies” for babies a specialty) and other crafts (see Knitting, etc. page) hoodie_max
  • historical romance ficution (Jane Austen (e.g. Northanger Abbey) Sabrina Jeffries (e.g.The Pirate Lord) , Julia Quinn (e.g. A Night Like This), Mary Balogh, etc. )
  • Welsh-heritage activities, dragons (dreigiau coch yn arbennig) a dysgu Cymraeg.  I  I recommend Cwrs Cymraeg Cymdeithas Madog  and SaySomethinginWelsh ( http://saysomethinginwelsh.com ).  (In addition to lessons on-line, I have participated in international “hang-outs” via Google+ to practice speaking and listening skills.)
  • Collecting a number of things, including ceramic items (dishes, soup tureens, cookie jars) as well as Pocket Dragons.     See the Collections page for details.
  • Observing (or listenting to ) wildlife that live in the surrounding woods:  hummingbirds, white-tailed deer, turkey vultures, wild turkeys, barred owls, opposums, squirrels, red foxes, coyotes, etc.  Some visit the house or fly overhead  regularly:

     hummingbird   deertable       vulture3


The turkey vulture above is one of three who landed on the roof to rest one windy morning.

If you have questions or comments about this site, please contact Mary Williams-Norton at williamsnorton1858@centurytel.net .

(Note:  Many thanks are due to Mat Bolwerk at Ripon college for his assistance in gettin this website up and running!  Diolch yn fawr iawn iawn, Mat!)

***Photo of Pocket Dragon “Visit Our Website”–designed by Real Musgrave–is from the website of Precious Gifts ( http://www.preciousgifts.com ) a favorite source of Pocket Dragon figurines.